Dorothy Beasley
Dear Dr. Brody and Dr. Woolfson,

Yesterday was my final exam, and according to Dr. Brody, I passed with colors flying. Now I can see all kinds and hues of color on objects far away that I can even identify instead of merely guessing what they are.

So I must write to you to acknowledge my enormous indebtedness to you for so expertly and painlessly giving me better sight than I ever had before in my long life.

A few days ago, I was eating breakfast out on the patio in the quiet of the early morning, absolutely enjoying looking around and seeing things clearly and crisply. All of a sudden I saw a tiny goldfinch alight on the spread-out petals of a lavender flower. It was glorious! I nearly sang aloud, thinking immediately of you and the seemingly magical transformation of my eyesight which you achieved.

Then, this evening, I watched a honeybee land on a stem of parsley which already had gone to seed. I laughed aloud as I watched the bee try to balance itself on the slim stem, which bent with its weight and began to wave. I probably would not have it at all pre-surgery.

The sights are precious treasures. On a more practical note, I can now read street signs without squinting and before I am on top of them. It’s lovely, reassuring, and I am far less of a menace on the roads of Atlanta.

On top of it all, my eyes are not scratchy and my slight blurry in the late evenings any longer, as the tired contact lenses fail. They simply are not there. That’s a luxury!

From the moment Dr. Woolfson told me over the fence that I had cataracts (I must admit I didn’t like the reason he gave for his diagnosis), and his convincing testing on the machine downstairs, to the careful arrangements that were made for the problem to be solved, and the exquisite skill and reassuring manner of Dr. Brody, and including the thorough follow-up visits and friendly, efficient staff, I must that I had a very fine experience and a perfectly successful adventure.

Plus, as we went along with the whole multi-week process, everything was explained carefully and fully in advance, even anticipating questions I might have.

Keep up the good work. There are not many specialties in the practice of medicine, and maybe none other than yours, where the patient is made even better than she was before then need arose. Your practice does not return the patient to health but rather improves on the health that existed from the patient’s first sight.


Dorothy Beasley

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