In 2005 I had a very large brain tumor removed which left the right side of my face and eye paralyzed. Over the years I have undergone several reconstruction surgeries on my face and eye. Trying to take care of my eye was almost a full time job, everything from drying out so bad that the cornea would crack to having to put tape on it when I would go outside in cold weather. Then I was referred to Dr Walrath for a consultation, we talked about the surgery he could do on my eye and decided it was for me. After the surgery I would have to say it was more than a success, it was life changing. I no longer live with a bottle of eye drops in my hand and putting tape on my eye is a thing of the past. I would highly recommend Dr Walrath he is a remarkable man. I would like to publicly thank Dr Walrath for all he has done to give me my life back. – J.S.

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