Surgical Procedures : Eyelid Surgery

blepharoplastyDr. Walrath performs a wide range of eyelid and eye socket surgical procedures to correct abnormalities in lid position and function, to repair problems after lid trauma or lid cancer, as well as to help patients achieve their cosmetic goal for a more refreshed appearance. Often, more complicated cosmetic patients need the expertise in reconstruction that Dr. Walrath can provide, since they have occasionally undergone numerous cosmetic procedures that have left them with problems, which are more complicated than the average primary cosmetic patient.

Upper Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Walrath performs a tailored upper blepharoplasty that is individualized for each patient. There is no such thing as “the lid lift.” Instead, there are numerous variations on upper blepharoplasty that involve considerations of the lid skin fold, the incision placement, the lid crease, the fat handling, and the brow handling. An office consultation is critical to determine which variations on the procedure are best for the individual patient.

Lower Blepharoplasty Surgery

Dr. Walrath also performs lower blepharoplasty surgery using numerous different surgical techniques, which are tailored to the patient. Generally, Dr. Walrath favors utilization of fat-transfer techniques, as opposed to aggressive removal of lower lid fat. He finds that simply removing tissue does not translate into a more “youthful” appearance, and, in fact, transfer of that tissue to “hollows” beneath the lower lid is an economical way to avoid the need for annual filler injections. Dr. Walrath also offers fractional CO2 laser resurfacing during cosmetic surgical procedures when appropriate for patients.

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